The majority of students will follow the national curriculum and sit Level 1 NCEA in six subjects in Year 11. Provided they meet the set criteria they can progress to Level 2 NCEA at Year 12 and Level 3 NCEA at Year 13.

The School has used the opportunity when implementing NCEA to gain the maximum flexibility that is inherent in the qualification system and courses are designed to meet the needs of the individual student. This gives all students the opportunity to enjoy learning and experience academic success.



Year 9 students study English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education or Sports Institute, Technology or Academic Institute, a Language and two semester Art Subjects.

The Technology curriculum at this level covers the areas of Food, Materials, Structures and Electronics. All students need to choose two art subjects from Drama, Music and Art and one language subject from Japanese, Maori or Samoan. Students assessed to the Basic ASTTLE category will be required to take Language Support as their Language option.



Students must study English, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Physical Education or Sports Institute and choose two option subjects.



Students must study English, Mathematics, Science and choose three other subjects. Students are placed in the course which allows them to succeed but also challenges them academically.



Students should study English, Mathematics and choose three other subjects. At Year 12 students have 4 periods of supervised study and 1 period per week of Careers. For a student to study a subject at Level 2, he must have met the entry criterion which in most cases is 14 credits at Level 1. A student may well have a multilevel programme studying subjects at Levels 1, 2 and 3.



Students choose 5 subjects. For a student to study a subject at level 3, he needs to have met the entry criterion which in most cases is 14 credits at Level 2



Students who show well above average academic ability are given the opportunity to be accelerated and enriched in Mathematics, English and Science. These students may sit some achievement standards in Year 10. This programme will allow students to:

  • Study a broader range of subjects at Level 3 enabling entry into restricted courses at University such as Law, Engineering and Commerce. These courses require students to gain between 80 and 100 credits at Level 3.
  • Enter the NCEA Scholarship examinations in subjects where they are particularly able.
  • Enter Stage 1 papers offered by the University of Auckland. These papers can be credited to University degrees.
  • Enter the Cambridge International Schools Examinations.



A special learning programme has been developed for students with learning difficulties. Home Room classes have very small numbers and are guided by specialist teachers. The students are taught at their own pace according to their individual needs.



Our Course Book for Years 11, 12 & 13 has comprehensive information about our courses & programmes here at Kelston Boys High School.

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