John Greenwood

I would just like to congratulate your school, and in particular 2 of your boys Te Maia Palo and Tremayne Puckey. These boys were at Eric Price Park in Milford on Saturday at Waka Trials, when I turned up to put a "Pou" in the Park to honour my Daughters birth . These 2 boys immediately asked if they could help, and carried the Pou and dug the hole for me, and helped place it in the ground .I commend them for the way they assisted and respected the procedure, I also commend the school for helping produce excellent citizens, I wish them well in the World Waka tournament next week in Australia. Yours sincerely John Greenwood

Margaret O'Rourke at Polyfest 2016

Firstly let me congratulate your success of the Polyfest over the weekend.
I am sure all your groups performed exceptionally well.
I was seated in a tent next to the Kelston Boys Samoan Group, and I just felt I needed to make comment on the way the boys behaved.
They were polite, tidy, and I never heard a bad word from them all day. They were a credit to the school.
I loved their reaction to their various wins, their cheers, song and Haka.
The way they all celebrated individual and group wins, was lovely to watch.
It is the first time I have been along to Polyfest, and I now know the time and commitment that goes into each performance.
Your boys showed commitment, and appeared to really love what they were doing – congratulations, and I look forward to seeing their success again next year.

Maureen & Clive Thompson

We just had the pleasure of meeting some of your boys today on North Piha Beach. They approached us most politely and asked if they could perform a haka for us as part of an assignment for school.
We gladly agreed and were treated to  a spirited and energetic performance.
We just wanted to pass on to you how impressed we were with these young men. We are both retired from teaching ourselves and regard them as a credit to your school.
Maureen & Clive Thompson
Piha Beach.

Piha Mill Camp Caretaker

I am the Caretaker/host out at Piha Mill Camp and I am hosting your Year 13 Citizenship Camp.

I have been hosting school groups since 2008 and have not, in all my years at Piha Mill, come across a group of young men like this. I would like to commend you on the high standard of excellence that is displayed by them. They are able to have fun while still being well adjusted, well-mannered and respectful. If all of NZ schools could produce such high standards, this country would be the proudest in the world. In a society that has such a strong negative influence on young men, your school has achieved greatness in my eyes. I do not know how you do it, but it is commendable.

Pieter Kruger,
Piha Mill Camp Caretaker

Shannel Nikoia

Hi there.  Last night around 7 pm, I was locking the gates of St Leonards Rd School, after answering a security notification for the alarms.  As I was getting into my car, a young man - Terarawa Oxborough, came walking towards my car with a young baby in his arms.  He was extremely anxious and worried for this baby who he found walking along the footpath between the Childcare Centre and Vanguard Rd.  I offered to take the child and would door knock until someone recognize the baby and could help me find where he belonged.  But Terarawa insisted on staying and helping me, so we separated and continued to knock on numerous doors. Thankfully we found the address this curious child had escaped from.  The poor mother was beside herself for not realizing that the child had snuck out while she was minding another sick child.  She would like to extend her heartfelt thanks and gratitude to this young man, for acting so quickly and responsibly.
As would I.  My son is due to start at KBHS next year, and if Terarawa is an example of the boys currently attending the school, I am relieved to know mine will be well cared for.
Regards, Shannel Nikoia.

Prospect School Visit

I wish to say what an amazing experience this was for my boys. The Kelston boys did an amazing job teaching my students; they were organised, skillful and able to relate to the year 5/6 boys with kindness and empathy whilst still being very much in charge. Your boys solved problems and were even able to deal with minor sports injuries as they arose! My boys were absolutely thrilled at the experience they had yesterday; they learned a lot from your boys and I hope the Kelston boys learned off Prospect as well.
The Kelston boys were polite and respectful to me and and it was a pleasure watching them work with my students. They are a credit to you and to their school. 
Kind Regards,
D'arcy Norton
Potu Mo Tama
Prospect School

Public Transport User

I would like to appreciate the Kelston Boys Students with their behaviour and representation of their school on public transport. This morning I caught the bus (113 Downtown - Henderson) and majority of your boys fill up the bus, I was very impressed with them . They wore their uniform correctly with Pride and kept disciplined throughout the enjoyable ride. Once they got off, not one failed to thank the bus driver for getting them to school safely . I commend these boys in showing their Pride, Manners and Maturity. Well done Kelston Boys.

Tirimoana School

Tena koe e te Rangatira a Brian, On behalf of Tirimoana School I would like to send our heartfelt thanks to Whaea Margaret, Matua Anaru and Whaea Te Rina for bringing your Polysfestival groups to our School to perform today. The boys performed with vigour and gusto contemporary material that our tamariki could relate to, their harmonies were beautiful to listen to and they were a credit to the school.
We have tried for the past 2 years to invite cultural groups from Pacifica Nations to perform here, but none have matched the natural openness, pride and approachability that your students exhibited today.
We were supposed to only have an audience of 100, instead 500 students and parents attended and continue to forward their positive comments about your students' performance.
Please could you forward our gratitude to your tutors and students to let them know that what they presented was educationally new to us and enjoyed.
Naku noa Na Kura Tuhura (Kaiako I te reo me nga tikanga Maori o Tirimoana)

T Stankovich

I drive passed your students daily to take my son to preschool on Archibald Road and I just wanted to send you an email to say how pleasant it is to see how well-groomed your boys are! I haven't seen a single student from your school who looks untidy or sloppy.

J Anderson

Last Saturday night after attending the rugby at Eden Park I was trudging back to my car. As I approached the KBHS bus one of the lads offered me his beanie. I am 70 and must have looked bedraggled and forlorn! I didn't have much further to go so declined his offer, but such a kind gesture from this young man lifted my spirits. He is a credit to himself, his parents, and his school, and I would like to convey my appreciation.

Mrs A Welch

I am writing to you to commend two of your pupils 1x year 12 and one year 11. I unfortunately cannot spell their names. On my way home from shopping at the Ranui shops on Swanson Road, my shopping trundle wheel broke so I had to try and get across two roads while pulling my trundle with shopping in it and while trying to carry it. But due to my damaged spine and age nearly 72 it was quite a traumatic effort. What with the 1 wheel trundler and drivers getting impatient with me taking so long to cross on a pedestrian crossing, and then adding to the drama my mobile phone wouldn't work. Then adding to the problem when I got across the 2nd road my trundle split down the side and out came my groceries. My goodness it sounds like a comedy, but I didn't think so at the time. I was on the verge of tears when your 2 good Samaritan pupils came to see if I was alright. Oh! my goodness I don't know what I would have done if they didn't come and help me. I would never have carried them home (the groceries). After trying to phone my daughter on one of the boys mobile phone a few times, the older of the boys said he only lived down the road not far away so he would go and get his mum to come up to where I was and take me home, which she did. No wonder her son was as nice even his mum was so helpful and kind.
I gave him some money in appreciation for his and his mate's help – as his friend stayed with me until his mate's mum came and got me, he wouldn't leave me by myself.
After leaving me and carrying my groceries inside I noticed he had left the money I had given him on my coffee table.
So if you are able to discover who these 2 boys are, can you PLEASE THANK THEM FOR ME.
CommunitySchool Compliments


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