Joining a School Sports Team
Students should listen to assembly and class notices for sport registration and meeting times. Students can also see the Teacher in Charge (TIC) of a specific sport code and/or see the Sports Department at any time. This also applies if you are interested in a sport not yet catered by the school.

Sport Priority
All students are encouraged to participate in multiple sport codes with the sport code in ‘current competition season’ having priority i.e. summer code v winter sport. Summer sports have priority in Terms 1 and 4 and Winter sports priority in Terms 2 and 3.  This means that players who have a commitment to the “in season” sport must fulfil their obligations to those teams.  If there are clashes with an “out of season” code, the players must be available for the “in season” team.
When selecting teams, coaches must make allowances for such clashes, and ensure that the player selection chances are not prejudiced.
Premier sport teams shall have priority over same code lower grade sport teams with player selection and training facilities. Students must be able to commit in full and ensure they are responsible for maintaining open communication with all coaching staff.


SPORT CODE                                   TIC                                    POSITION

ATHLETICS                                       Mr J Shoesmith             Languages

BADMINTON                                   Mr T Harrison                 Dir Communications

BASKETBALL                                   Ms C Greenwood          HOD Dig Tech

CHESS                                                Mr C Daley                       Science

CRICKET                                           Sports Department       Sport

HOCKEY                                           Ms M Teleiai                     Library

KILIKITI                                              Mr D Samuela                  HOF Social Sciences

LAWN BOWLS                                 Mrs A Blair                        Dir of School

CROSS COUNTRY/Orienteering  Ms C Greenwood          HOD Dig Tech

RUGBY LEAGUE                              Mr L Uhila                         Services Academy

RUGBY SEVENS                              Mr C Muller                       PE Health/Acad Dir

RUGBY                                              Mr C Muller                        PE Health/Acad Dir

SOCCER                                            Mr M Cain                           Commerce

SOFTBALL                                        Sports Department         Sport

SQUASH                                            Mrs A Blair                         Dir of School

SWIMMING                                       Mr C Parsons                     HOF Careers

TABLE TENNIS                                 Mr S White                         HOF Science

TAG                                                     Mr D Mann                          Dir Sport & Bus

TENNIS                                              Mr S Sivoravong                HOF Maths

THEATRE SPORTS                          Mr B Mihaljevich               Arts HOD Drama

TOUCH                                               Mrs Fearnley                      Data Manager

VOLLEYBALL                                    Ms S Mackey                      Maths

WAKA AMA                                       Sports Department         Sport

WRESTLING                                      Ms K Leahy                          Library Manager





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