KBHS Sāmoan Bilingual Class - Tōfā Manusina


Matou te mua’i fa’atulou atu i lo outou pa’ia ma lo outou mamalu Samoa

Ofo alofa ma fa’atalofa atu ia te outou, o aiga fa’apea fanau 

Mālō le Soifua manuia, mālō le lagi e manino. 

Talofa, talofa, talofa lava. 

Tōfā refers to the wisdom of our Paramount chiefs and Manusina refers to the honouring of an event or a person of high esteem. We believe that all students who come through our Tōfā Manusina Bilingual class will begin their journey into the future as confident students in both worlds (Samoan World and Pālagi/European World) through the incorporation of wisdom and honour. 

“O le tōfā poto mo taeao  - Visionary thinking for the future”

KBHS is proud to announce the establishment of “Tōfā Manusina'', our Sāmoan Bilingual Class which will commence in Term One of 2022.  Tōfā Manusina offers Gagana Samoa at immersion levels 1-2.  The starting level is a 50/50 model. 50% Gagana Samoa and 50% in the English language, progressing to 70/30 by the end of the year.  Gagana Samoa ma le Matāupu o Su’esu’ega Fa’aagafeso’ota’i (Social Studies) will be subjects studied and taught through Tū ma Aga Fa’asamoa (the Samoan way).  Our bilingual class/Vasega will provide a holistic learning environment based on the Fa’asamoa way.  Students will have the opportunity to gain and broaden their knowledge and wisdom by learning in an environment where alofa, fa’aaloalo, and tū ma aga fa’asamoa is practiced. Students will be in the mainstream for the other subjects.

Tōfā Manusina is open to Year 9 students.  There are only 25 student placements available.

Criteria for entry includes (but is not limited to):

  1. The student is of Sāmoan Decent

  2. Must be currently attending a Sāmoan Bilingual Unit / Iunite o le Gagana Samoa or is a confident speaker of Gagana Sāmoa.

  3. Must be willing to do Fa’afiafiaga Fa’asamoa through Polyfest, support and participate in all Sāmoan school activities.

  4. Commitment and support from our ‘Aiga’ is required

To register your interest please fill out the following form​​​​​​​

Any further inquiries, please email Mrs. Howlett - s.howlett@kbhs.school.nz

For more information about the class, contact the teacher in charge, Mr. Iasa Numia - i.numia@kbhs.school.nz.