*Please note training times may vary depending on the current Covid19 Level.

Please check with your coach or the Sports Dept prior to attending training.


Tues & Thurs lunch

Attend if selected for Western Zones

Coach: Mr Tulloch

Basketball - Junior:

Junior A (Year 10) 

Tues & Thurs at 7am at Small gym

Junior B (Year 9)

Tues & Thurs at 7am at Big gym

Junior C  Development

Weds 3.30pm - 5pm Old Gym


U17A: Tues 3.30pm - 6pm (New Gym)

U17B: Tues 3.30pm - 6pm (New Gym)

U17C: Mon 3.30pm - 5pm (Old Gym)

PREMS: Tues 3.30pm - 6pm (New Gym)

U19B or U17D (Senior social team): Mon 8am to 8.50am (New gym)



3.30pm - 5pm

Coach: Wynston from Waitakere Cricket

Meet at the Cricket nets


Tues & Thurs - 7.00am - 8.30am

Coach: Mr Cain

Meet on the main field football pitch



8am - 10am

Coach: Mr Tulloch

Meet at the reception for the van

Lawn Bowls:

Tues after school

Glen Eden Bowling Club

Coach: Miss Blair

Rugby Trainings - Senior:

Mon: Afternoon 3.30pm

Tues: Morning 7am

Weds: Morning 7am

Thurs: Afternoon 3.30pm

Fri: Morning 7am 

Coach: Matt Howling

Rugby Trainings - Junior:

Mon: Afternoon 3.30pm

Weds: Morning 7am

Thurs: Afternoon 3.30pm

Fri: Morning 7am 

Touch Training - Senior:  

Fri: Afternoon 3.30pm 

Tues: Afternoon 3.30pm​​​​​​​


Mon - 6pm - 9pm Weds - 3.30 - 5.30pm

The Heath Gym

Coaches: Mr Sinclair and Mrs Mackey


Mon, Weds & Fri at Lunch Time

Weights Room

Coach: Mr Edwards


Thurs at Old Gym

3.30pm - 5pm