You can purchase Kelston Boys' High School uniform at our official school uniform store, Score Sportswear at 521 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026, New Zealand. Click below to visit the online shop.

We have a uniform which, when worn well, gives a positive image of the school and self-respect to the student.​​​​​​​ We expect the boys to wear the uniform correctly, to school, at school, and on the way home.

Please note the following:

  • Jacket - Only the current style school jacket can be worn, no older versions will be permitted
  • Shoes - Black leather school shoes with school socks/black sandals with back straps (no socks to be worn with sandals)
  • T-shirts - No t-shirts will be worn under the school uniform
  • Hairstyles - Hair must be of a style and cut that the Principal will accept
  • Jewelry - No jewelry is to be worn, except a watch
  • Shaving - All students must be clean-shaven
  • School hats - Permitted in the summer months of terms 1 and 4 
  • School beanie and scarf - Permitted in the winter months of terms 2 and 3

 Year 9 to 12 

  • Blue School shirt
  • School vest, jersey, or school jacket (weather dependent)
  • School shorts or school trousers
  • Sandals (without socks) OR school shoes and school socks

Year 13 

  • Plain long-sleeved white shirt 
  • School vest, jersey, or school jacket (weather dependent)
  • School trousers - School shorts are NOT a uniform choice for Year 13 students.
  • 'Ie Faitaga - Our students can purchase a KBHS 'Ie Faitaga as a part of our uniform
  • School shoes with school socks
  • School tie - Blue tie or Premier Sports Tie 

PE Uniform 

As of 2022, we have a new PE shirt, representitive of our four house colours. Students who need PE gear will purchse their PE shirt with their house colour on it (Bean=Green, Colgan=Red, Henry=Blue, and Paton=Yellow). 

If you do not know your house, get in touch with the school office on (09) 818 6185 or email