All members of the public are welcome to attend and observe a Board meeting.  If you would like to observe a meeting email the Board secretary.  To address the Board on a particular subject that is on the agenda request must be made in advance (2 weeks is advised) to the Board Secretary and approved by the Board Chair

Board Secretary:                                                  Upcoming meeting dates:
Robyne Clark                                                           Tues 22 February
Kelston Boys High School                                     Tues 29 March                                 
PO Box 15-103                                                        Tues 17 May                        
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Auckland 0640                                                        Tues 26 August
ph: 818-6185 ext. 326                                            Tues 8  November                                         Tues 13 December 


I have been a member of staff at Kelston Boys' High School since 1996. I have taken a variety of roles during this period but none is as rewarding and as challenging as being principal/tumuaki of the school.

Appointed in 2018, the school has seen shifts in philosophy and practice, without forgetting our motto of “To Wisdom with Honour”. The school’s vision of “Inspiring Growth through Wisdom and Honour / Hihikotia kia tupu ai tōna matauranga me tōna mana Motuhake” provides the direction for the school and our aim is to develop good young men who inspire themselves and others to grow into successful members of society. Our young men will possess the wisdom to use their knowledge effectively and appropriately and be honourable in character.

I am personally driven by wanting the best for our school and doing all I can to ensure our community is provided for as whānau is extremely important to me. It is an honour to be leading the school and be part of a Board that is dedicated to ensuring our staff and students attain the best achievements possible.



Moses is a NZ-born Sāmoan, the son of Leaula Mose Faleolo (Falelima, Vaisala, Sāle’aula, Sāla’ilua), a retired machine operator of 31 years and over 25 years as a former Ranui Pacific Islands Presbyterian Church Treasurer, and Pepe Fetu'una'i Faleolo (nee Ma’alo Talataina) (Malie, Satupa’itea, Luatuan’u-Leusoali’i), a Justice of the Peace for 10 years, Waitakere District and Youth Court Lay Advocate for 10 years, Early Childhood Educator for 20 years, and Bachelor of Education graduate. His mother passed away from a fatal hit and run after a vehicle hit her while she was a pedestrian on 17 July 2018.

He was born and raised in West Auckland, worked out in South Auckland, studied in Auckland central and North Shore, and still living on the westside. He fathers two teenagers as a family is everything to him and does everything he can to provide opportunities and materials for his two teenagers. He is a former youth justice social worker turned academic and currently works for Victoria University of Wellington as a senior lecturer in Criminology and a gang researcher. His doctorate is the only one of its kind that reports on the life histories of Samoan young men involved in Bloods gangs. He is a registered social worker and believes that it is very important to acknowledge young men’s adolescent stages because it is a stage in their lives where there is great upheaval physically, emotionally, culturally, spiritually, and socially.

He is focussing on a range of areas as a board member to advance the interests of Kelston Boys’ High School. He is an advocate for academic excellence and believes that while sport is an essential aspect of the boys’ development, it is the balance between academia, sport, cultural identity, and spirituality that is required in secondary education.  He is keen to see its infrastructure upgraded so the boys’ learning experiences occur within comfortable classroom environments. He is interested in ensuring teacher professional development and quality assured teaching approaches are underpinned by cultural, collaborative, and whole schooling accountability and social responsibility. He is also looking for ways to involve the parent community in the learning experiences of their sons and fostering and nurturing external relationships with key stakeholders such as the business, sport, indigenous, and old boy alumni.  

That is why Moses subscribes to the School’s vision of inspiring growth through wisdom and honour starting with mana (respect), whānau (family and community), kairangi (excellence), and tohea (resilience).

LOGAN AH-HING (Deputy Chair)

I have three sons who currently attend Kelston Boys High School and I have younger brothers who are past students.  In both aspects of my family ties to the school, I have seen the school's ability and its further potential to nurture and equip young men to reach a level of excellence in all spheres of their schooling experience.

I am excited to be a part of this process and to advocate for our boys and their families, to serve them and our community, to add my previous experience from Peninsula Primary BOT,  my experience as a homeschooling mum, a university graduate, and to relate, to emphasise the importance, the necessity, and the joy of education.  I have Tongan, Samoan, Fijian and Niuean bloodlines and so with the cultural makeup of our school, I believe I can relate to the current cultural, socio-economic, and education issues that affect our Pasifika community and be a voice that can be heard within our BOT. 


My name is Sione Robertson and I am 21 years old, born and bred in West Auckland having completed all of my schoolings in Kelston (SLRS, K.I.S & KBHS). Since joining Kelston Boys as a student in 2011 and graduating in 2015 as the Deputy Head Boy, I have always been fascinated with the potential success of the school. I belonged to a number of co-curricular activities during my time as a student, ranging from Lawn Bowls to the Premier Theatresports team, of which I am now the Assistant Coach, since 2016.

As a board member, I look forward to building solid relationships within the school with students and staff alike. To me, an effective board member is one that is involved in the school at a grassroots level, and I have every intention to be present and ‘in touch with the brotherhood that your son/s engage with.

I bring 5+ years of experience working with young people across the West Auckland area, as well as experience in governance. I am eager to get my hands dirty because I want what is best for your son – whether it be on the field or in the classroom, or even serving our community, I simply want to enable our school to make a big impact in our locality and open new doors for the boys to succeed. I aim to have our parents more involved in the coming years as working together is the best way forward.

Kelston Boys is a very special place for me as it has helped mold and shape me into the young man that I am today. I truly believe that Kelston Boys High School is the premier school for single-sex education in Auckland. I want to be able to give back to a place that has been so good to me and still is. My goal for the next three years would be to connect, coordinate, and collaborate. And I believe that we can make great things happen in our school that we can be even more proud of.

God Bless​​​​


Talofa lava, Kia orana, Malo e lelei, Bula Vinaka, Fakatalofa atu, Malo Ni and Fakaalofa lahi atu

Serving on the board of trustees is both a privilege and an honour.

I am a proud old boy of the school and I want to give back to the school community what it has given me, some great memories, some lifelong friendships, and some amazing opportunities.

​​​​​​​I am committed to working with our school leadership team to raise the profile of ALL our learners, ensuring we are exercising best practices in engaging and preparing our learners in the classroom for the world.

It takes a village to raise a child and with your support, I would like to continue to serve in our village of Kelston Boys High School.

Fakaaue lahi


Tena koutou e te whānau – Ko Michael Moka toku ingoa. I am the passionate and engaging founder of Indigenous Growth Limited ( – since 2013 has had a quadruple bottom line (Grow people, culture and capability and if done properly will result in social and commercial profit). The vision feeds my personal passion which is to empower families to get themselves out of the poverty cycle. Building a strong foundation is the most powerful way of retaining long term growth.

Since being Head Prefect at Kelston Boys in 2006. I chose a specialised path dedicated to this goal of serving my family and families like mine - taking, creating and making the most of all opportunities with my purpose being my main decision-making tool.

Indigenous Growth is taking a culturally diverse and wholistic approach to strengthening leadership capability of all indigenous people. Building our people from the grass roots level to provide a more diverse and profitable leadership culture for all organisations.

I am proud to bring the fruits back to KBHS that were planted back from 2002 – 2006.

Nāku iti nei



Kia ora, I am Levi Farrell and I am a co-opted member of the Kelston Boys’ High School Board of Trustees. I attended KBHS from Years 9 to 13, and enjoyed Rugby, Waka Ama, and Kapa Haka. I was appointed Head Prefect in 2016 and received the Dux of the school award the same year, achieving NCEA Level 3 with Excellence and University Entrance. I was also very fortunate to receive the top student award in History, English, Mathematics, and Te Reo Māori in my final year. I then studied law at AUT University, graduating in 2021.

I am an enrolled barrister and solicitor of the High Court of New Zealand and currently work as a solicitor at Duncan Cotterill; one of Aotearoa’s largest legal practices. As an old boy, I am very passionate about every aspect of KBHS, the well-being of the boys and the outstanding teaching staff, and the School in its entirety. As a member of the Board, I want to put my passion into practice, and contribute to the development of the School and everyone within its gates.

Ngā mihi 

Levi ​​​​​​​


I am currently a Corporate Finance Manager – Strategy and Reporting at the Auckland District Health Board with years of experience in auditing and the provision of corporate finance and business advisory services in both public and private sectors. I have an in-depth knowledge of the public sector within Auckland including the structure, relationships, and funding mechanism within District Health Boards and government entities.

I am the mother of 4 and it ​​​​​​​is important to me to spend time with my family especially supporting my children’s education and sporting activities. I enjoy being part of a fitness community group and contributing to various communities at church and in Tonga.

My aim in contributing to the KBHS Board of Trustees is to provide help where the community needs it


Kia ora whānau

My name is Anna Ladd and I am the Staff Representative on the BoT. I am in my fifth year of teaching at KBHS, teaching English and Classical Studies, and am the Kaimanaaki Tangata of Bean House.

In these roles, I am able to utilise my passion for community engagement and communication (within our kura, as well as wider-Kerehana). I believe the Board is vital in supporting, implementing, monitoring, and reflecting on how our school vision is upheld by ākonga, kaiako, and whānau.

I am passionate about communication; that staff feels that their voice and opinions are heard and understood. I feel that I have established myself as someone who is committed to our community; a teacher who is known by students and whānau as having high expectations and who is supportive of staff. It is my goal to combine my experience to help make a positive contribution to our kura and the larger Kerehana community.



My name is Dylan Tigifagu and I am a Samoan student who, like all who have come before me, aims to voice our students' opinions. You may recognise me as a proud leader of Henry House, a member of the school debate team and most importantly, a fellow student of Kelston Boys' High School

I aim to be a voice for the students, not necessarily a voice of my own opinions, but a person who would no doubt do the utmost best I can to satisfy your well-being in our school. I am reliable and responsible, which are key incentives required for this position. I am not shy and am willing to represent the student voice with pride, whilst embodying our 4 school values: Respect, Excellence, Resilience & Family.

I have gained a Merit course endorsement for Level 1 and Level 2 NCEA alongside multiple class endorsements at M/E and have come top in Level 1 Science and Level 2 Chemistry, which indicates that I am reliable in finishing the job and can embody our students' thoughts into our BOT meetings. 

What makes me different from others is that I have no fear of fighting for our students' opinions, as I am not afraid to voice our opinion and will do everything in my power to display them. A student representative to me is a person who represents the students, so a vote from you could benefit your school life as I will voice your opinion to the BOT

I will create certain ideas that would benefit our students, as our school environment could improve through cooperation and resilience, in which I would ask students to play their part and question them on how THEY would like to see a change. I aim to create a fun and friendly environment for the school, and to represent our student voice with honour. I know that EVERY student has potential, in which I will do my best to help our students realise it. I hope all students strive for the best and apply our school motto to their every action: To Wisdom With Honour.