In partnership with the Waitematā (WDHB) and Counties Manukau District Health Boards (CMBHD), a combined Boys’ High and Girls’ College Health Science Academy is being established at Kelston in 2021. There are eleven other academies in the Counties and Waitematā region.

The academies were birthed from a need for more Māori and Pasifika health professionals working within our communities, as identified by the District Health Boards (DHBs).

This academy is for Pasifika and Māori students who are interested in a career in the health sciences. There are more than 80 different careers in this field, including medical specialists, public and community health workers, technicians, midwives, nurses, dental workers, rehabilitation workers, therapists, mental health workers, and many more.

Students apply to enter the Year 11 Academy in Term 4 of Year 10. Students who have been successful throughout Year 11 will be invited into the Year 12 Academy. Academy students will need to select subjects/module options as prescribed by each school’s director for HSA.  Family support is critical to our student’s success and hence a commitment to the academy is a collective bond between the school, families, and the students.

The academy will provide: 

  • Academic support with NCEA Science, Mathematics, and English

  • Exposure to health professions while you learn

  • Learning opportunities with other students just like you

  • Access to the right tertiary pathways

  • Preparation and improved chances of securing a job in the health sector

  • Pastoral help and guidance

  • Leadership development​​​​​​​



To nurture a desire and discipline for the sciences that inspires young people to pursue careers that enable them to serve their community.​​​​​​​


The aim of the academy is to provide relevant learning in and outside the classroom, with a strong focus on Science, English, and Mathematics for students who are interested in a career in the health sciences.​​​​​​​



1. To paint a future pathway from secondary school to tertiary level education by providing a link between subjects studied at school and career aspirations

2. To expose students to real science in action examples outside the classroom; making learning in the classroom relevant, through trips and special guest speakers.

3. To track and monitor achievement to ensure all students achieve their respective levels:

  • a. NCEA level 1 for year 11 students
  • b. NCEA level 2 for year 12 students
  • c. NCEA level 3 and University Entrance for year 13 students

4. To provide academic support through extra tutorials, holiday workshops, exam study skills seminars, and time management seminars.

5. To promote responsibility, leadership, discipline, self-pride, goal setting, and self-assessment to ensure all students reach their full potential and achieve the ultimate goal of being successful in the career of their choice.

6. That the students become role models within their own families, peer groups, schools, and the local community.

7. Create and reinforce community links with Academy Members participating and contributing to community events and projects. This will lift KBHS and KGC as well as the Academy’s profile.

Tutorials and Mentoring session 

An academic mentoring group will be established for all Academy students in Year 11 to ensure that participants will receive regular mentoring throughout the year. 

Health Science Academy students will need to attend extra tutorials each week. They will also need to make time for hospital visits, talanoa with health professionals, and academic mentoring. It is compulsory for Academy students to attend these mentoring sessions and tutorials. Details of the tutorial times are to be confirmed, however they will take place outside of normal school hours.

The purpose of these sessions is to:

  • Monitor and track student achievement on a weekly basis

  • Receive academic mentoring based on achievement to date to set targets for overall achievement

  • Allow time for homework and assessment completion

  • Support students with their learning by providing extra tutorial sessions with specialist tutors.

  • Allow students to meet and network with various individuals who work in the health science sector

  • Inform students about options for further study and work in the health science sector 


KBHS Health Science Academy Director = Ms Nalini Chand -

Please contact Ms Chand if you have any questions or find out how to enrol your son into the Health Science Academy.