All Year levels:

Black sandals with back straps (no socks to be worn with sandals)
Black shoes of any material as long as completely black
Black shoes and school socks when in shorts
Covered shoes compulsory when in technology workshop

Standard Uniform:
School shorts or school trousers - Permitted at all year levels
Year 9 to 12  - Blue School shirt
Year 13  - Plain white dress shirt, can be long or short-sleeved
T-shirts (only white, or the school PE shirt) can be worn under the school uniform. Must not be longer than school shirt.

Outerwear and Accessories:
School vest, jersey, or school jacket - Worn at any time
Jacket - Only the current style school jacket can be worn, no older versions will be permitted
School tie - Optional at all year levels
School hat, beanie and scarf - Permitted at all times
Jewellery - No jewellery is to be worn, except a watch

Personal Grooming:
Hairstyles - Hair must be neat and tidy. Coloured hair allowed.
Shaving - All students must be clean-shaven

PE Uniform:
As of 2022, we have a new PE shirt, representative of our four house colours. Students who need PE gear will purchase their PE shirt with their house colour on it (Bean=Green, Colgan=Red, Henry=Blue, and Paton=Yellow). 

If you do not know your house, get in touch with the school office on (09) 818 6185 or email