As we start a new year, we also happily start to host Oaklynn Specialist School at Kelston Boys.

Oaklynn classes are located in C Block at Kelston Boys' High School. These classes provide supported learning for students who have specialised learning needs and who have met the requirement for ORS funding. Using the New Zealand Curriculum and an Oaklynn developed curriculum, teaching is responsive to individual needs and learning styles. 

The “satellite class” system enables students to have access to regular school life while being taught and supported by specialised teachers and therapists. Students based at Kelston Boys' High School will access integration opportunities and school facilities whenever possible. C5 will have an open door philosophy towards students and staff from Kelston Boys. Diversity is a very real part of New Zealand society and the Kelston Boys' High School / Oaklynn partnership creates opportunities for both parties to develop learning and understanding of each other.

A bit about Oaklynn:
Oaklynn is a high performing specialist school supporting students with ORS funding. Our students learn in a variety of settings, from primary through to tertiary. We also support ORS funded students in mainstream schools and in the home setting.

We provide an environment where the curriculum fits the learner and in which each ākonga can thrive socially, emotionally and academically. We do this by using a wide range of evidence-based approaches, from Aotearoa and overseas.

We practice in a collaborative manner which ensures that the voices of ākonga, their whānau, teachers and therapists are all held at the heart of what we do. Whanaungatanga is at the core of this work.

CLICK HERE for more information about Oaklynn Special School, phone (09) 827 4748 or email office@oaklynn.school.nz