Term 1 finishes on Friday 12th April. Students return to school for term 2 on Monday 28th April. The school office is closed during the holiday period and all queries will be actioned upon return to term 2.

We would like to congratulate those past Kelstonians who have achieved prominence in education, the arts, industry, public service or other fields and those who have represented New Zealand or another nation at a senior level in international sports.

There will be many other people who should appear on this list. Apologies are extended to those who have been inadvertently overlooked. It would be appreciated if the school could be advised of the achievements of other prominent past Kelstonians so that accurate records can be maintained.

Kit Boyes - KBHS 1984-88 - currently a doctor and Squadron Leader with the RNZAF and holder of a BA, LLB, MBChB and MAvMed. Kit was a 2nd X1 cricket player (batting average of 1, he remembers) and played the part of Eugene the Geek in the school's highly acclaimed 1988 production of "Grease". He was also part of the KBHS quiz team for a TV show called "That's Academic" which was fronted by Lockwood Smith!