A stimulating and safe learning environment that:

  • Encourages full participation by boys in all activities
  • Promotes self-expression and respect for the many different paths to manhood

Educational programs tailored to meet the developmental needs of boys where:

  • Boys gain confidence in their ability to learn without being compared to girls who mature more quickly and tend to enjoy more success in school
  • Exciting books and curricular materials are integrated into all aspects of the school’s program
  • Boys are taught and coached by teachers who have chosen to teach in a boys’ school
  • Boys can grow and develop at their own pace and can “be boys” for as long as they need without society’s pressures

An environment free of distractions in which:

  • Boys need to not waste energy posturing or trying to live up to gender stereotypes prevalent in the media and society
  • Boys are able to focus on academic tasks and involvement in co-curricular activities
  • There is frank and direct communication with teachers
  • A setting in which boys develop strong bonds of friendship and camaraderie with
    ​​​​​​​peers and teachers so that:
    • The impact of positive role models can have its fullest effect
    • A distinctive ‘esprit de corps’ (morale) enriches the lives of boys

Because KBHS specialises in educating boys it is fair to assert that the school understands boys, and is better equipped to meet developmental needs at every stage of their education.