What does it mean to you to be selected as Head Prefect?

Being selected as Head Prefects means a lot knowing my peers and also the staff have faith in me to uphold a good standard and be able to lead KBHS to higher honours.

How did it feel being called Head Boy for 2022?

Leading up to the moment, it was nerve-wracking but once my name came up on the screen, I was exhilarated and very proud to be called up as the new Head Boy.

What do you think makes a great leader?

Someone who is able to speak confidently in front of a big crowd, not afraid to put his or her peers into line, and not afraid to delegate and offer opportunities for others to lead.

What makes you proud about attending Kelston Boys’ High School?

The biggest thing for me is the brotherhood factor. Over the year as I have progressed through Kelston, my bonds have grown stronger with my other fellow students and they’ve become my family making KBHS feel like a second home

Who has inspired you to become the person you are today and how?

My family has always been a huge support system, always pushing me to reach the highest I can achieve. Whaea Becky has been such an anchor helping me and my peers with my time at KBHS with our studies as well culturally.

What do you hope to accomplish this year as Head Prefect?

To make the year flow smoothly without any interruption, to let the boys in my year enjoy their last year in school

Any words of wisdom to our Year 9’s who wish to be like you one day?

Take advantage of all the opportunities in front of you and have no regrets about what you do.

From the Principal: Nate Brown has shone as a leader from the first time I met him at Blockhouse Bay Intermediate. It was evident from that young age that he had charisma and is a person of influence. Over the years at Kelston Boys, Nate continues to exemplify the school values in all that he does.

Choosing Nate as Head Boy was an easy decision to make as he has impressed everyone with the way he has been able to balance school work and co-curricular activities with such maturity. Nate represents what a good young man is like and it is an honour for Kelston Boys for him to represent us as a school and lead the student body to excellence. - Adeline Blair