This is a parent-school partnership to help students achieve academic success.

Whītiki Ānga Mua involves:

  • Planning short, medium and long term goals annually.
  • Setting academic targets to make sure they are on course for NCEA Levels 1, 2 and 3.
  • Discussing subject selection to ensure they can meet prerequisites for tertiary providers.

This is done every year with follow-up during the school year with the student and their whānau teacher to make sure they are on target to achieve their goals.  Each student needs to take responsibility for making sure they work towards achieving academic success. Parents with their son attend an initial 20-minute discussions with the whānau teacher. 

We believe that parents need to be involved in understanding and helping their child progress. If parents/caregivers are involved in supporting their child’s learning at home and setting realistic expectations for their son’s future this will be a major factor in contributing to his educational achievement.