2024 BYOD - Bring Your Own Device

KBHS is a Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) school.  Students needs to bring a device to school for learning.This means that our courses at every level have an online component and devices are used by students on a daily basis to access learning activities and resources.


We have teamed up multiple retailers with what laptops are suitable for student school work.

PB Tech: Click the button below to be re-directed to the website which shows the suggestd devices. The school coupon code for PB Tech is "KBHS"

Cyclone Computers: Click the button below to be re-directed to the website. Select Kelston Boys' High School from the browse list to view the devices are suggested

Noel Leeming: Click on the button below to be re-directed to the website. The school is already selected.


We recommend all students at all year levels bring a device with the following specifications: 

A Laptop, Netbook, or Tablet PC (Smart PC) will provide students with a comprehensive learning tool. Apple, Chromebooks, or Android tablets are not recommended and do not meet NZQA requirements for Senior Digital Exams. Smartphones are not adequate for this type of learning. 

Operating System - The device will ideally have a full Windows operating system. 

Internet Browser – Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome browsers are necessary for our systems. 

Language - The device operating system and browsers must be set to display in English. 

Software – Microsoft Office 365 and Microsoft Teams - We use Microsoft Office and Teams for teaching and learning. Teachers can advise students about specialist software useful for subjects e.g., Photoshop, MYOB, Python. 

Microsoft Office is available as a free download  

Battery Life – This should last 5–6 hours to be able to get through a school day (or Digital Exam) without recharging. 

Due to factors such as battery life and warranty, it will probably be necessary to purchase two devices during the student's 5 years at KBHS. 

Weight – should be light enough for your son to carry around all day. Anything more than 1.5kg, including the case, might be too heavy. 

Wireless – Should state that it has 802.11 ac or ax, or Wi-Fi 5 or Wi-Fi 6. 

RAM – We recommend 4 GB or more for Laptops/Netbooks. If you need to use Photoshop, then a minimum of  8 GB is recommended, or else programs may be much slower to run, 16 GB or more is recommended for Tablet PCs. 

Hard Disk Drive – For Notebooks or Laptops, this should be at least 128 GB. If you need to use Photoshop, then a minimum of 256 GB is recommended. All devices now feature SSD drives, which are faster, lighter, more reliable and give longer battery life, because they have no moving parts. 

Robustness – Your device should be strong enough to survive a fall onto a hard surface. 

Bags - It is essential that all devices are kept within a protective case (even if they are transported to and from school in a school bag). 

Insurance – While we take care to protect students’ property, we cannot accept responsibility for devices lost or stolen, so make sure it is covered for these possibilities. Accidental damage insurance may also be available if desired. 

Warranty – If you purchase your device from a retailer, the minimum warranty is 1-year, but you may want to consider upgrading this to a 2 or 3-year warranty. 

Another factor is how long the device will be away should it require repair under warranty. It could be a few days, or as long as a few weeks. Check if the retailer can offer a loan device should repair be required. 

Antivirus Software – For Windows devices, antivirus and anti-spyware software are essential to protect the data on the device and prevent the device from being used to spread malware to other devices at home or at school. 

Support - We will provide help to connect to the school network. If there is something that is not working with your device, it is best to bring it to school in the first instance and then ask the IT Dept for help. However, beyond that, students will need to take responsibility for their own devices for problem-solving or troubleshooting. We do not provide a repair service for devices, or loan power packs. 

Safety - Please remember to name your son's device for safety.